BUMP KEY (2014)

by eddie dixon

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"Bump Key is quirky without being a novelty - refreshing in the world of cut/copy/paste. Dixon tinkers with pop songs structure enough to instantly stand out and remember. I was interested because of the Mississippi connection, but the songs were the real hook for me to play the record.". Justin Martin . General Manager WUSM Hattiesburg


released September 9, 2014

Luckily, Eddie's track is every bit as intriguing. The song intros with an oh-so-rustic converted uke, followed by a bewildering set of sound sources, including lead and backing vocals, a drum/foot beat, hambone percussion, acoustic guitar, and bass, along with some tinkling glassy objects and harmonica, all leading to a percussive chant style ending. A closer inspection of the lyrics proves our author quite the poet, while the oddball time swings honor an age-old Southern blues tradition.

So what about the recording, you ask? Well, we have been actively recording for over four decades in just about every genre, and we can honestly say that Eddie's work here is not only original, but not nearly as "primitive" as it may seem.

Recording sound sources is one thing; capturing them into a mood is something altogether different. The very best examples -- Ry Cooder's "Paris, Texas" soundtrack comes to mind -- may sound like a beautiful mess, but don't be fooled, folks. There's more to them than meets the eye/ear. Are these the most perfect tones/sound sources/mix that we have ever heard? Nope, but they are the most perfect ones for this composition. At the risk of overstating, this is one of those rare times where "perfect" would absolutely spoil the soup. "Nuff said!

Suggestions: Slap on the headphones, close your eyes, open your mind and dig it!

Summary: Somewhere there's a Jim Jarmusch movie begging for this track!




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eddie dixon Mississippi

a song maker and restless tinkerer. southern bred but wide brained. was chicago via mississippi now mississippi via chicago. too many ideas. learning slowly how to whittle down for human consumption .

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Track Name: more bugs than birds
There are more bugs than birds
more worms than bears or dogs
and decay is a roar
if you let yourself know
she drank that poison drink
it made her body see
time aint so mean
tries to pull us off our bones

and dusting while we
slowly die
is not so strange an urge
i hope that we are
really knots of light
that sounds
clean and clean sounds
good to me tonight
some straight lines
and pure sines

the heel will pin the face
the long shot dont make the start
dont blame it on the stars
youd be picking on ghosts
this world is never not wilderness
just different kinds of sharks
but your loving wish
shines bright in the ball of storms

when your eyes make blood
from stains and rust well
that makes sense enough
i hope that we are
really knots of light
that sounds
clean and clean sounds
good to me tonight
some straight lines
and pure sines

there are more bugs than birds
but so many tambourines
And in this ribbons of light ,
A dancer's cursive lines
if i hold your face too tight
there beside my darkest thoughts
Its with that wind of rope
That I pull my bliss
into the the light
Track Name: swindle sea
the pastor needs his space
somewhere to lay out his leathers
lives carefully paralell
the best to not mix up the message

ive seen the mob youve built
keep em poor then you keep em mad and busy
if they ever do find you out
youll be runnin to the end of the century
You never have laid a hand
On a dollar of what you have stolen
Don't make your hands clean
Don't mean we won't cheer your comeuppance

when i lie to you
my eyes will get narrow and sparkle
when you lie to me my love
its soft as the page of a bible

its the swindle sea , its on every town
and we're underneth way down way down

if you aint been got you aint been out
Track Name: the countries are here
The countries are here and the witch in the woods
has forgiven all the trains for taking everything they could
to the countries of the city people and the countries further on
where the shepherds of the oranges on the ladders in the sun
turn their backs to the ocean

The countries are here and they fight with their tongues
but your music it will cheat on you and run around with anyone
the banjo is a codex and there's rosin on the saw .
She braids her hair not knowing she sings her great grandmothers song
from north of hadrians wall

the countries are here and theyre black as the night
they float in on the ocean with their howling ghosts behind
your doctor keeps ganesh above the tv by the light
and for all the happy dead today a thousand different rites
all those weeping eyes

the countries are here and you my darling will disappear
Track Name: waylaid
the dirt that you found on me ill never wear again
ill burn clean if you get me through ill burn just as fast as you want me to
a prayer and i dont care who's ear this prayer rings in
ill live fast, if you get me free, live two lives in the one given me

i been waylaid cant get a handle up
i been waylaid and long gone

what use is learning things if you just sleep on your watch
stay awake, young man stay sharp
trouble could be coming with a poison heart
this pool that youre drownin in it was built up drop by drop
did you see or did you hear it come
were you wishful thinkin or youre just that dumb
Track Name: we will (in the dust)
The things you thought might happen are
Part of what will
You should give yourself credit for
keeping an eye on your blindside
this mixture doesn’t lend itself to reverse engineering
painters and photographers just catch a corner of the secret
and we will
in the dust where we are going
and we play
like we’ve always been allowed
To laugh into a broken hand
to ignore or not the rhyme
I have met observers of the tiniest things
Sifters of apocrypha with their late nights and mad eyes
I think this world is spilling from the mind that we are making
And the way the sky rolls on itself
It seems it aches the way I'm aching

I can replace most of my wishes by the time they havent come
The apparatus wheezes but it still runs it still runs
It puts my feet upon the stair and on the roof the sun is shining
Itll be a while but ill meet you there and hey noone take a picture

and we will in the dust....
to swear the world can love us
and never drop the dime
Track Name: someone who loved you lied to you
all you cloudbusting kids and layabouts
the world wants to hook to your mouth
your eyes want to stare at your own spine
and youll look yourself inside out
someone who loved you
lied to you EVERY DAY

the general takes his meals at the airport
soon he’ll be officially parisian
his retinue whisper booking their secret flights
and silently they will leave him
oh general
someone who loved you lied to you
long time

after every apocalypse theres bills to pay
and the heathens are up jogging
you trusted the math and it felt so right
and now its slowly dawning
someone who loved you lied to you every day
Momma gonna
Buy you a mockingbird

Buy you a mockingbird
If that mockingbird don't sing well i know
they can sound like a dog
Track Name: pilot light
Its all over the radio ..the weather is turning biblical strange
Might find a noise to make …make like it’s a holiday

You wanted to jump but the window is painted shut
I guess the feeling left you here with us
I guess you aint quite had enough

The suitcase is old shade of green …its home now in a weekly room
You can hear people hitting their rock bottoms all around you
Maybe you can only
see it when the bright hopes are gone ….your little pilot light
triangle for the symphony , stashed quarter for the phone

feel of a jailbreak in the shape of one easy deep breath
pardoned is forgetting and the sudden trick of an empty head
blue as the puddle that got some sky
little pilot light
how little a word is try
how close it is to stay
Track Name: ain't nobody run this
aint nobody run this water
aint nobody run this wind
storm come to blow aint the judgement
come to kill the city for its sin
aint no suit is shiny enough
youre a doctor or a fisherman
if youre darker than the folks cross the river
they will not let you in

cadillac car is a shipwreck
cadillac car cant swim
cadillac car’ll be a coffin
the river tried to bury you in
people aint never had much at all
can still be brought low to having nothin
fair dont show up in the world like
calamity always will

ghosts now walkin through the shotguns
Ghosts now walking through the vines
Houses like skulls in a jungle
Houses from a nightmare time
They wanted to believe you animals
Nothin much to worry bout then
Roped off the whole damn city
And scatter you to the wind .
Track Name: in the morning when it's late
i dont feel like im dancing
i dont feel its all a game
or a bowl of cherries...nope
it seems very very serious in the morning when its late

the dawns early light
snuck up on me and my night
seems disapproving but it wont say im in trouble
in the morning when its late

we see too clearly when we fight
theres a gulf silent and wide
then we're spent and shaken
there beside each other
in the mornin when its late

red eyes under blue stars
noone dreamed at all
we woke up and saw each other
opaque and strange
in the mornin when its late
Track Name: you're not a war
Woke up and you're not a war
Close and rare. not gracefully,But There's
a peace to be made and a scourging'll stop
That hateful twin that lives in your skin
Is losing his taste for torture
an insurgent stillness A quiet blue beating the fires down
And the bells once madNow they low under the rain Like sleepy animals )
Wake up one day and you're not a war
Wake up one day and you're not a war
You crawled on your heart through a door while you slept
You woke up now and you're not a war
And with the teeth you save
You had been grinding away
A new type of photograph
You squeeze your eyes shut and laugh
When the shy rolled down
All tumbling angry well
It seemed just like your heart
Had been amplified
Kith and kin
This din and ruckus
You splitting apart at the steering wheel
Light on a gong
A Headwinded bird
A crack crawling through the window glass
Now your still and stunned
Now that its over
Like a prisoner to light or
A snake to sun