skirmisher (2011)

by eddie dixon

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SKIRMISHER is the sound of a studio as asylum. Working diligently in a Chicago basement, mostly alone(though augmented by the drummer from his live band THE EMBASSY on most tunes) , Eddie has made a multi-layered album full of paranoia, anxiety, and black humour. The sonic settings are adventurous and the vocals and lyrics rarely veer anywhere near pedestrian.
Under it all its supposed to be a pop album. Go figure.

Eddie Dixon seems to be a kindred spirit of Beck, not necessarily in musical sound but in one-man-band approach to creating music. The multi-instrumentalist ably exhibits his pop music/mad-scientist skills on the nine-song Skirmisher. Although a bit left-of-center in arrangement, the songs have a solid rock backbone made pleasantly quirky with Dixon’s high attention to detail. “Lucky” and “Kidnap Van” showcase this peccadillo with their layers of instrumentation and vocals, which are generally warm if not understated throughout the tracks. (
– Jason Scales Illinois entertainer


released January 1, 2011



all rights reserved


eddie dixon Mississippi

a song maker and restless tinkerer. southern bred but wide brained. was chicago via mississippi now mississippi via chicago. too many ideas. learning slowly how to whittle down for human consumption .

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Track Name: lucky

kissed all the stones but it wasnt enough to make you lucky
with every toast i drink it all to make you lucky
tilt the machine and it wasnt enough
to make you lucky

if you believe in the manager you must believe in vendettas
theres a mark on you as plain
as the hat on your head
thats just drawing the rain
the ants take the junction box
and its black now as a tornado heart
you sigh more than you weep
a professional JOB just chewin your teeth

your daddys wish it wasnt enough to make you lucky
revival tent it wasnt enough to make you lucky
ive seen you ask nice and it wasnt enough
to make you lucky
fair things might as well be unicorns
might as well talk of monkeys with wings
if we wanna talk of such things

your resolve is colonial up against the dark bells of the thunder
but there are batteries in the light
and too much has happened to worry tonight
you drink when you storytell but youre eyes stay so stoic
maybe alone you get mad
maybe this firewatch is all that you'll have
fair things might as well be fountains of gold
where the very air will sing
if we wanna talk of such things
Track Name: kidnap van
that there is a kidnap van
white econoline with no windows
theres some things i wish i didnt know
i worry
about the pretty ones and their sweethearts
they seem to show up in the paper missing more than us

dont think it , that youre just a fragile sack of blood
you are but it makes it difficult to buy groceries when youre
hiding ....i worry about the burn outs and their wet red eyes
they seem to show up in the paper shot by cops more than us

lord the unlucky dead need lifting
take them back in your big ol basket home
if they say drinks i say drinks all around
before they remember how they feel that they were
feel that they were robbed

this war is a cold lifetime of tv
stop what youre doing and kiss me too much
right here where i rest my ticks
i worry about the ghetto kids and their flak vests
they show up dead in the paper much much too much
Track Name: blink
blink when your enemies blink
you're seconds younger
since you watched this jewel green fly
for a sixth of an hour
i wouldnt know what rescue looks like
if it comes , if it comes
some kids just forget to be trouble

someday when i am a dead dead man
my last associate forgets me
and the robots in the dim red sun
will sing the songs that we're all missing
graceful nights are a christmas cease fire
please be struck dumb
i could live like this in my own private cuba

the piano is a gowned girl
who shouldnt be seen with me
but she holds my fingers in my bluest darks
and makes the old air pretty
ive said it some but i really mean this
if the tunes are hit and missing ...well
Track Name: fool for futures
Get outta my dirty dreams and into my car
Place is not what brought us here and it wasn’t our scars
Do you mind if all the tacks are all brass
And we talk like our words are bones
For something we’re building to ride?

Bring a black pillow for my face I’m starting to see
Time reeling in its jerky ropes and its coming for me
Brushed by the wings on madness’ back
The dump-trucks light up their eyes
And dance like bees in a hive

i thought i had the approaches blocked with berms and wire
But the things you spoke into my head they lifted a fire
Be my aristocrat cousin fling
Well leave them scandalized
All the golems with their mud insides

the minutes i forget are the ones around my feet
im a fool for futures and i ..cant help but think
test these dreams
run them out side by side
til they’re a mob in my mind
that wont let me sleep
Track Name: i told you i was missing
i told you i was missing
how long til you believe me?
you seem as far away as the past
behind the frosted glass
and theres static on the line

i came to and the list had withered
for true talk, for help and favors
did i let you down by not keepin up ?
just gave the wires to rust
and years to jumbled dreams

what manner of beast made these marks?
you can see here it tried to hang on
here among the others
and so apart

snow eyes like haunted tv
i cant read the signs for blinking
its either me or you all fading out
the wind cuts through my house
and carries away proof of me
Track Name: im going
im going to the future
im going to the future but im going slow and faithless
i decided i WILL get older , put the wisdom all on my face
ill make it look good i wont make it look too easy , thats how ill sell it .
and if you keep up maybe we can meet there
in the center of the process
theres no false move now, cant prove there ever was
when you live in a science fiction,the nerves come with the magic
ill stay up and watch over you while the static moves across the sky
the money wants you, the money wants this flat world, fast and crowded
stay limber, sleep light, and dont trust your eyes
this world is dark dreamin
what carny gods work at the levers of this gaudy show?
call me names, call me anything but gone
fit me for a new face as long as i get to come along
ill stay game , wont let the slack move into my jaw
im going to the future with my machines and scars all gleaming
ima keep all my crooked teeth cuz i wanna keep an animal edge
ill tell the young ones how you used to put your skin to the skin of your lover's
how great a smile looked in a polaroid picture even when its blurry
the air turns to math and the moon is an old hotel
-*-----o my jaw
im going to the future with my machines and scars all gleaming
ill stay with my original skin because i wanna keep an animal edge
ill tell the young ones how you used to put your skin to
the skin of your lover
how great a smile looked in a polaroid picture
even half blurry
the air turns to math and the moon is an old hotel
Track Name: say your side is my side
Explain anything to me
Because im dog jawed and stunned
The way I always am when you’re arching on me
and dripping your trace on my tongue

the conscripts are fighting like
the true believers behind
I inhabit this accidental space
Minute and pound til im out of your time

i’m training a
sickness and it
trains me
as well
in dance steps
and triage
and how to build her shape
in the air
of my cell

I’m walking without me now
And the loops own my eyes
And the waitress…she won’t recognize me
I’ve been replaced
by my own appettite

and ill fry
in the moonlight
and ill smoke
for a while
and too bad
if im crazy
i was sane
as a boy
Track Name: teeth
we’e showin symptoms of divine love
we all better go lie down
ahhh they love this ,all  the apocolyptics
so pent up  they can barely frown
cant wait to stop bailing and drown
this trembling, pleading crowd
i need a saint just to keep my eyes on ,
one made just for me
made from parts of my favorite stoics
from my favorite grim movies
id like to spend some time at ease
before my coldest most immovable sleep
its been shade and a hanging tree
i aint as good as i hoped id be
i got a puzzle of teeth
wanna bite into everything
black now but your eyes will adjust
she finds me and pulls me in
when the stars light we are tangled and silent
this minute so totally here
and i hear the holy sound
through her back shes breathing now
its been warm rain and a swarm of bees
i aint been as kind as i hoped id be
i got a puzzle of teeth
wanna fight back with anything


Track Name: knock on wood forever
invisibly blessed (knock on wood)

oh it missed you by an inch
your were deep in your head and missed it all
for you the day was
just what a day is
you lost that beautiful watch it was your favorite

all the trick knees switch with the bad eyes
now the firejumpers switch with all the cops
your baby dont yell
dont yell like mine does
but seems she cries like theres
nothin that can be done

if ive forgotten it may just be
all my lookin has blinded me

knock on wood forever just in case
knock on wood forever and thank
your lucky stars whatever the weather
just in case
you really always had it good

on some days theres a right train and a wrong train
theres a road you best not be on
there'll be a day when
because you slept in
you're here to grumble through
all these other mornings

if i forget rewind me
and while we sweep up the glass and debris

knock on wood forever just in case
knock on wood forever and thank
your lucky stars whatever the weather
just in case